My Love For Mount & Blade Warband

"Mount and Blade Warband" can be described as a video game which, has at times brought me to a whirlwind of emotions. It's about my love for it and the story I would like to share the story the story of my love for it today. I was introduced to Warband shortly after I got my PC. One of the discs that I'd bought, I found this magnificent game. The majority of the time, I was playing"local mode "battle" where you can choose between a number of characters, factions of his army, as well as the opponent. It was intriguing due to the variety of troop types. There was the possibility of having several fan battles, in which you your own control all things down to the amount of cavalry, archers or infantry. Local company mode was a possibility, but I didn't go to the time, as the game was enough to get "ooh" of the type of knights.

Everything was great until two months later, when I came on "Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis," the game's editor, shut down everything. No, not Knights, obviously but the mess you can make in the game was just perfect. Then I didn't think about Warbend and then I saw it on Steam which is where I purchased Warbend for a tiny amount of money with the price of a discount. Multiplayer. After purchasing an account, I was unable to play the option using bots definitely didn't appeal to me. After entering the main menu I finally found the coveted button that had network battles. I was expecting to see violent fortresses swarming with storms bloody battles in the steppes, as well as in general the mincemeat of swordsmen I finally made it to character creation. I'll be honest that I only partially understood it. There was definitely players' meat, fortresses being blown up and other things however, the Lord, it was bizarre. It's hard to describe the terror I experienced the day. The events that transpired during those battles remain firmly in my mind, and I have nightmares I still remember even to the present day. I can remember the moment a soldier, dressed in his pants and armed with an axe with two hands and a two-handed sword, would storm into the ranks of armored warriors... He would avoid arrows, spears, and swords and pound one warrior after the other with his powerful lunges. As time passed, I realized that I was not a fan of infantry and I opted to become an archer.

Sure, it was informal, but I bent down and did the same and joined in with the bad one, but not fighting it. However, their naked backs in the crosshairs and their howls when they struck me, I loved it. Naturally, when I re-entered to multiplayer few weeks ago, I noticed that one thing was for certain: their fear did not go away. A guy I saw yesterday, running at me, I was unable to hit, and I was unable to block, I was scared of the guy. In the end, while I'm not a fan of the multiplayer of Warbedna but it's still a blast to participate in an "de-match," and participate in local dramas that take place there. Single. When I grew tired of being frustrated when playing multiplayer, I decided to play as a single player in the game. The first thing I saw was the standard character creation process however, in addition to this, there was the option of the character's background as well as the pumping of the beginning traits. When it comes to background, the character had three main factors to consider like the name of your father the name of your father, the things you were doing as a kid and what you're doing currently. These choices can affect your character traits and possession of a particular kind weapons, as well, of course, the first items. In reality, when you create the game, you're aware that you'd like to be an archer. Your dad was an archer and the list goes on. It's all quite simple and intuitive. The only issue is deciding the location to show up. After deciding the player will appear in the nighttime city, and is attacked by thieves. After a few incidents, you are given the first mission, which is to save the family from one of the citizens within the city.

This is when you realize that the most important thing is gathering troops and boosting the troops up. The map shows that you will find several villages that can provide some recruits. These recruits, in turn, will have different pumping levels in accordance with the region that you have recruited the people. I was amused by this mechanism while travelling across "Calradia," you gradually amassed a nice mix of soldiers from various factions. The army itself is built up with skills for training or in battle with non-humans. Factions. After you have created the character, you're invited to select an area to spawn from among the kingdoms that are present. There are six kingdoms in the game, including: "Kingdom of the Vegirs", "Kingdom of Swadia", "Kingdom of the Nords", "Kingdom of the Hergite Khanate", "Kingdom of the Rodoks" as well as "Sarranid Sultanate". I'll begin with the "Kingdom of Swadia," where I was the first time I visited, and returned following the events. It's situated on the center of the world map. It is commonly known as "Calradia". Swad is the best option for me. The primary reason I chose the group, obviously is that they're just knights who fuck me and I don't require too much. Apart from that, Swad is one of the three factions with full-time presence of infantry, cavalry and ranged forces. After that, you'll be able to roam around for quite some time before you can sign up an entire battle group. For me personally, the highlight is of course, the Cavalry.

Swadian cavalry in the plains, annihilates anything in any way, regardless of who is in opposition to them. For the other guys who are infantry and crossbowmen the situation is a bit more difficult, even though they're still very strong during the siege. "The Kingdom of the Nords located in the north, is a faction that I've avoided fighting. On battle, they're simple to fight because they don't have cavalry in principle. Archers are extremely weak, but the part that is most hated that is the infantry. It's true that their cavalry is easy to move around their field (of course, only if you're not throwing an axe into his face) However, taking castles within their territory is it's a nightmare. Their infantry is relentless, most likely feeling the strongest of all. When you add in all the flings that can be hurled at you on your way to and the battle turns into a bloody massacre in which you can easily shed your veterans and your adversaries are is almost new recruits. They are very strong, and I suggest fighting only behind walls, and with hundreds of archers (although there are axes). "Kingdom of the Vegirs" is the Northeastern men that come to my mind aside from the arrows, which are a bit of a scream. For cavalry or infantry, I wasn't impressed, even though I might not have been able to see it all. The castles were a bit unpleasant to walk through, however those with shields performed quite well. "The kingdom of Rodoks is situated southwest of Calradia. There's nothing much in this kingdom, as the infantry's sole purpose is the defense of your fortresses to consider them the primary thing I didn't enjoy, and they don't have cavalry. Very tenacious, they'll feel comfortable in the walls, but the enemies who break through walls will be much more difficult. Their crossbowmen aren't different from Svadians however I might be wrongsince I've never seen them. "Khergit Khanate" - the clansmen from the southeastern region. Combating them in the field is extremely difficult and takes a long time. Their army is comprised of mounted archersand not infantry. But why do they require it? The gameplay with them was always similar, you push them towards an edge on the map, where they were stranded on and then eliminate them there. Sometimes , there were arrows that were inbound that could kill me on the head across the map. In the words, they are a nuisance.

If all you think of is taking caravans or destruction of villages, you're advised to stay away from. A castle that has such an army is virtually impossible since without horses, they're extremely undependable. "Sarranid Sultanate. It's a bit of everything. Archers aren't terrible, nor are cavalry and infantry. They are known for sweeping shit up, possibly more than Nords. It isn't comfortable, especially when they storm their castles is also not pleasant. Sometimes, they are you don't have to be lazy enough to to recruit their players, as at the start of the game they are a impressive. Game activities. In a busy world, typically, you'll discover something interesting to accomplish. It's like a Sandbox, where the player doesn't have an objective. You could be an mercenary, or jump between different factions seeking a more pleasant area, and later become a subject of king , with his own parcels of land. You could also create some noise by looting and causing confusion. If you're confident you could also decide to conquer all areas with your own troops. There are quests to be found in the game that are will be are boring and repetitive. The game can be more exciting when you are the vassal of one faction. After the one-time land award, you will be able to engage in an additional way to increase the value of your assets. The villages you live in could be targeted for burning and looting fortresses, towns and fortresses could get taken. There is the possibility to secure towns with garrisons and make officers your vassals which can be fully-fledged units hiring soldiers to defend your territory. Together with your king, you are able to go on battles against rival factions and engage in sieges and battles. "Napoleonic Wars.

It was a significant feature for Warbend that allowed players to engage in massive battles using fire sticks. The majority of the time I was with the RP server back then in which players had to form a line, gather in a line prior to shooting. It was an extremely exciting moment, and when the Napoleonic servers were very filled, resulting in beautiful battles and memorable moments. I could not figure out how to fire the musket in the town which is why I prefer to select an engineer or artilleryman whenever feasible. Shooting a cannon in an enemy unit coming up to an area of interest was a blast. When interesting roles weren't readily available I went with local musicians, who carried, based on the situation, various instruments. Some musicians, who in a group, would play songs that were upbeat for their soldiers who were advancing towards their death. I can recall numerous occasions where these squads pushed ahead of the rest of the soldiers to attack fortresses under muskets and cannons which enthused the allies into feats. One time, as an artilleryman and carrying the cannon across the field, and had to battle enemies cavalry which surprised us. However, most importantly I will always remember the time that involved the defense of an unassuming mansion along the river. We were the only ones left, of which two were musicians. After we were inside the house the group began to block windows, taking over rooms.

At the time, I stumbled across an instrument inside the room. I was amazed to find it playable. In the span of fifteen hours, we heard a constant flow of shots as well as the chants "For the sovereign!" and the melodious sound of the piano and flute. Then all four of them courageously, died in a small room, while defending the piano. Summary In the end, Warband sits in a extremely warm space in my heart. There are times when I return to it, either to play around with mods or play around on empty servers. I could, once more, attempt to conquer the whole kingdom, and defend every bit of my country. If I can get into Bannerlord I'll be as warm and as much fun.


My Love For Mount & Blade Warband

"Mount and Blade Warband" can be described as a video game which, has at times brought me to a whirlwind of emotions. It's about my love for it and the story I would like to share the story the story of my love for it today. I was introduced to Warband shortly after I got my PC. One of the discs that I'd bought, I found this mag

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